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Sukutaito offers professional genealogical research services. We help private individuals interested in their ancestry, societies interested in their history or companies, which use our genealogical research services for their activities.

Our Services

Every study is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. Below you will find some examples of our services and prices (all prices include taxes).

SERVICES (inc. VAT 23 %)

1. The birth, death and wedding dates of one person (if dating back one hundred years or more): 0 €.

2. Two generations of ancestors of a selected person from the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century (from parish registers): 75 €.

3. Six generations of ancestors of a selected person (from parish registers): 369 €.

4. Four generations of descendants of a selected person (from parish registers): 369-738 € plus possible travel costs.

5. Information search from court transcripts: 240 € per workday in the archives.

6. Other genealogical research is priced according to agreement.

7. Histories of companies, foundations and societies. Includes examination of the available materials, required interviews and writing of a report. Priced according to agreement.

Example of a study report.

We can provide a study report as requested by the client. They can be extensive histories or simple family trees.
Example of a simple study report.

Tavla 1

Samuel Grefman f. 14.9.1734 d. 25.6.1812 Mörskom Grefnäs Lassas.
Gift 2) 28.12.1766 Mörskom m. Anna Johansdotter f. 2.6.1750 d. 6.5.1829 Finsktalande.
  • Anna Samuelsdotter Grefman f. 4.4.1768 Mörskom Grefnäs d. 25.6.1768 Mörskom Grefnäs.
  • Samuel Samuelsson Grefman f. 11.6.1769 Mörskom Grefnäs d. 2.9.1836 ogift.
  • Maria Samuelsdotter Grefman f. 25.2.1771 Mörskom Grefnäs d. 11.3.1771 Mörskom Grefnäs.
  • Johan Samuelsson Grefman f. 24.5.1775 Mörskom Grefnäs d. 6.10.1852 Mörskom Grefnäs.

Tavla 2

Johan Samuelsson Grefman el. Grenman f. 24.5.1775 Mörskom Grefnäs d. 6.10.1852
Mörskom Grefnäs. Gift 19.6.1815 Mörskom m. Caisa Greta Johansdotter f. 6.7.1790
Mörskom Skomarböle, Jossas d. 3.9.1833 Mörskom Grefnäs i vattusot. Föräldrar Johan Johansson och Anna Henriksdotter.
  • Anna Catharina f. 16.5.1816. Till Borgå m.b. 2.11.1833. Infl. Borgå stad 21.11.
    Nr. 408 (3 Qw. Nr. 8.) 1834 t. p. 282 (3 Qw. Nr. 13 piga hos Guseff)- 1836 till Helsingfors med bet. af d. 17de October.
  • Maria Margaretha f. 23.10.1817 d. 26.4.1868.
  • Johannes f. 8.9.1821. d. 17.10.1829 i messling.
  • Helena Sofia f. 16.9.1825 d. 30.9.1896 Andtmarkusas, Mörskom. Lungsot.

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