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Our researchers are experienced genealogists and historians.

Johan Brandt

Master of Arts
Johan Brandt t. Grevnäs originates from German-Bohemian old nobility and is one of the last remaining members of his family. He began to research his own family history a decade ago with almost no previous information to start with, because previous records had been lost. Soon, what began as a hobby started to take up more and more of his time. Mr. Brandt became an active member of online family research communities. In time he became known for his work in internet forums in Finland (Sukuforum, Yahoo-Sukututkijat), in Sweden (anbytarforum) and in the Baltic area (G-Group). He is recognized for his willingness to use his expertise to help other genealogists.

Mr. Brandt studied general history at the University of Helsinki. Receiving his master's degree in 1992, he studied egyptology at the University of Würzburg, Germany. After moving back to Finland in 2002, he worked on his doctoral thesis and continued his family research. Mr. Brandt has presented on the kings of ancient Egypt several times, latest in the Summer of 2010 in Iphofen, Germany.

His broad language skills are well-suited for studying Finnish genealogical sources. A native speaker of Swedish (an official language in Finland, and used in records), Mr. Brandt naturally speaks fluent Finnish as well. His German and French skills proved essential in his research at Würzburg. In addition to studying classical languages at the university, Mr. Brandt has also studied, out of pure personal interest, Russian and Chinese.

Mikko Nygrén

Master of Arts, Bachelor of Theology
Like many Finns, Mikko Nygrén was born far from his ancestors in Vantaa, in the greater Helsinki area. Perhaps this is why he always has been interested in history. Mr. Nygrén studied history at the University of Turku, Finland, and completed his master's degree in 2002. Still continuing his studies, he received a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2009 at the University of Helsinki.

Mr. Nygrén began to study his own family tree at the end of the 1990's after learning how to read old Finnish scripts at the university. He concentrated his genealogical studies on his eastern Finnish ancestors, because his paternal relatives had lived there, in the North Carelia region, for centuries. Mr. Nygrén interviewed his relatives and used the Provincial Archives of Turku.

He has used and become familiar with the resources of the National Archives and also of the Finnish Genealogical Society in later studies. He has applied the skills he acquired to conduct several studies in other families. He is known as a thorough and efficient person, who takes his work very seriously.

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